We are not diagnosing, prescribing, or treating. Just sharing information.


If you have health issues, be sure to check in with your health provider to make sure no foods are "off limits." 

If you are not already consulting with a licensed nutritionist, naturopath, or functional medicine professional, consider doing so. Physicians (MDs) do not study much nutrition in medical school. 

Food is your medicine.

(With all due respect to the MDs out there,  we have to post this disclaimer but do not intend to send you, the patient, back to the same ones who do not have information to help you. 

I was on that treadmill once. Keep searching. The truth is out there. There are many good doctors in the world, and some of them  are able to help you. It's a matter of finding them.)

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--Janelle Allbritton, MPH, Publisher

Janelle Allbritton, MPH: anthony william, Medical Medium

After going public recently on the radio regarding her enthusiastic support of Anthony William, Medical Medium and his teachings, Janelle is breaking things down step by step on what he teaches about how certain foods can help your body heal itself, even if you have had mystery illnesses for many years. There is always hope. This video is the introduction to a new series.

18 Steps in the Healing Path (by Anthony William, Medical Medium)

1. Fruit

2. Greens

3. Vegetables

4. Hydration

5. Sunshine

6. Sleep

7. Creativity

8. Purpose

9. Faith

10. Prayer

11. Support

12. Love

13. Compassion

14. Affirmations

15. Humor

16. Play

17. Movement

18. Freedom

Anthony William on celery juice and scientific research

There is research happening around the world, and it's organic, spontaneous, and exciting.

People are healing with celery juice -- in some cases after years of suffering, visiting numerous doctors, and spending a small fortune for little or no results.

Drinking fresh celery juice is working for thousands worldwide. Why not give it a try?