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Truckers help spot human trafficking

By Rashika Jaipuriar

NBC News

Jan. 26, 2020, 7:03 AM EST

Brian Sprowel has seen a lot in his nearly 40 years as a professional truck driver. He's been to every state except Hawaii and has logged nearly 4 million miles across America's highways.

But from his seat behind the wheel, he sometimes sees a much darker side of the country.

See her full story HERE.

on a hunger strike: Shai Stephenson protests gun violence

On October 27, 2019, we had the honor of meeting Shai Stephenson, who is on a hunger strike to raise awareness and urge policy change to prevent gun violence.

Find more gun violence data HERE.

She met briefly with Representative Eliot Engel, gave Westchester County Post an interview, and asked us to join her for a PSA.

Visit her website:

Learn about the gardasil vaccine

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Gardasil Vaccine (With Subtitles)

He is fearlessly telling the world the truth about how the vaccine industry works. 

If you are skeptical, that is good. It is important to think for yourself and ask lots of questions, especially when  several inter-related industries join forces with a government to share an astonishing fortune.

Discover tapping step-by-step

Tapping is an easy, powerful way to shift your internal situation. We can't control  events or other people, but we can control how we think and feel about -- and respond to -- those external factors.

Sometimes it is difficult to shift thoughts or feelings, which is why tapping might be your new best friend.

This is one way you might be able to re-boot your body-mind system. 

Try it!

James Corden's response t Fat Shaming

Late Late host James Cordon responds to Bill Maher's video-torial that "fat-shaming should make a comeback."

The publisher of this site notes that comments like this by Maher make the work of health educators more difficult.

The best, most sustainable way to help others heal and improve their quality of life is not through shame. The best path is through respect, empathy, connection, genuine caring, and friendship.

Also, obesity is not always the result of "overeating and laziness." There are many other factors in play, such as life-saving drugs that cause (sometimes painful) bloating and weight gain; tumors an that may be difficult to remove;  and undiagnosed issues such as thyroid dysfunction.