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October 29, 2019 • Kathrina Miccio on Paying It Forward

Kathrina Miccio, Film Maker

After leaving her marriage, she started over  -- including an acting career she had put on hold.

She then received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Her medical team ordered that  she have NO stress in her life. 

So, she wrote and produced a short film (a comedy) that has so far won 20 awards.

And more....

October 22, 2019 • Aunt Jane Asks for a Double Mastectomy

Breast Cancer, Life's Plans, and Finding Peace

Janelle's mother's sister, Jane Tolhurst, made a bold decision that probably saved her life: instead of agreeing to the recommended lumpectomy, she asked to have a bilateral, radical mastectomy.

She unexpectedly achieved a deep inner peace far beyond everything she prayed for.

Here is her story.

October 15, 2019 • Lamar Price

Featuring Lamar Price, MD, ND

After a dire diagnosis when he was young, Price changed his lifestyle and cured himself, much to his physicians' confusion.

Food truly can be your medicine, and Price teaches this worldwide. Join us as he gives an overview of the concepts he shares.

October 8, 2019 • Guisela Corado

Heroine Guisela Corado Talks Breast Cancer

Guest Guisela Corado, photographer and breast cancer warrior, shares her story of escape from domestic violence, the shame and depression connected to abuse, and how she navigated her journey through breast cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, and living life to its fullest in the now.

October 1, 2019 • Reverend Geri Lordé Talks Depression

Lordé Talks Mental Health and the Black Community

Geri Lordé discusses depression and the shame connected to reaching out for professional help in the Black community. Cultural beliefs about being strong and healthy may be what makes us more sick in the long run.

Getting help is healthy!