March 11, 2020 • On Screen with Janelle: Scot Pekarek: Pt 1

Scot Pekarek, Real Estate Agent

Living With Brain Cancer (For Now!!!): 

Taking Fenbendazole to Eradicate It

St. Paul, Minneapolis

YouTube Channel: "Tumor Tales"

In mid-2019, Pekarek was diagnosed with brain cancer. Instead of opting for surgery, he decided to try what Joe Tippens and others have succeeded with: taking fenbendazole, a dog de-worm medicine, to eradicate cancer.

In Part 1, he shares his experience of the day he was diagnosed, and his decision to try something completely different.

March 11, 2020 • on screen with Janelle: scot pekarek: Pt 2

Part 2....

Scot Pekarek is inspiring thousands with his stories you can find on YouTube (Tumor Tales) or Instagram (Scot Pekarek). 

Telling Joe Tippens' success story on MyCancerStory.Rocks and sharing emotional management techniques that are key to maintaining a high vibration that is necessary for healing on a deep level.

Learning the basics of how quantum physics works can help us apply effective practices. Scot has a way of explaining quantum mechanics in a way that is clear and easy to apply.


Scot Pekarek gets personal about his lifestyle changes he has made in the fight for his life.

"I'm a different person from a year ago."

Scot shares a few ideas he hopes are helpful, such as paying attention to what we eat:

"I guarantee you, God did not make Lucky Charms."

We are here to provide information for people to either accept and integrate into their lives, or not. We transfer the facts and people will do what they will.

March 4, 2020 • on screen with Janelle: Wendy dean, md

"It isn't burnout. It's moral injury."

Wendy Dean, MD


Moral Injury of Healthcare.

The goal of this organization is to end the drivers of moral injury in healthcare. To do that we need to focus on three things:

  • Valuing clinicians.
  • Valuing the relationship between patients and clinicians.
  • Rebuilding community—amongst clinicians, between clinicians and administrators, and between both of those groups and the patients they serve.

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March 4, 2020 • On screen with Janelle: Wendy Dean, MD

In Part 2, Dr. Dean discusses some of the problems inherent in the national health care system that contributes to moral injury of health care professionals.

march 4, 2020 • on screen with Janelle: wendy dean, md

In Part 3, Dr. Dean discusses solutions for reducing and preventing moral injury -- and emphasizes that it will take everyone working together persistently and patiently to fix it.

Celebrating women who create to meet a need in the community

Stephanie Cartier, co-founder of No Limit Cafe, has a special-needs daughter who could not find good options for education and job training once she turned 21. Stephanie and her husband, Mark, put together a team and launched this not-for-profit restaurant that now employs 33 people who enjoy working in the hospitality industry. She advocates for them to find work in the mainstream sector and nurtures them to reach their full potential.

Cassidy, one of the employees here, is pictured left.


Meet the No Limits Cafe Team!

What's trending in health and wellness?

Meeting the needs of special-needs adults who historically have no options for appropriate housing, education, or job training / placement once they turn 21.

Stephanie Cartier and her team are working to change that.