Rick Pitino is New Men's Basketball Coach at Iona College

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What does it all mean?

The NCAA, the covid-19 pandemic, and a long-term solution


By Steve Kallas and Janelle Allbritton

Friday, March 13, 2020

Kudos to the NCAA for deciding that those student-athletes who play (now cancelled) spring sports should get an extra year of eligibility. To deprive seniors, who have worked their entire college careers to get the point they are at, the opportunity to play a season and, possibly, a postseason, would be unfair and against the spirit of college athletics.

Having said that, it would be equally unfair for the NCAA to not allow seniors who have just completed their winter season the same opportunity that spring athletes are getting. While the cancellation of the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball championships are the best example of this, there are plenty of other sports and thousands of athletes in those sports who deserve, along with all of the basketball players, the right to compete in the highlight of their respective seasons -- to play in conference championships and the NCAA tournaments (if good enough).

This should really be a no-brainer.

There is little difference between not playing at all (spring 2020 student-athletes) and playing your regular season with no chance to participate in conference championships and then national championships (winter 2019-20 student-athletes). Many people (not all) understand the time, effort and dedication that it takes to be a college athlete in today’s world. For those who don’t, it’s akin to having a full-time job -- while carrying a college course load at the same time. A difficult task (ask anyone who does it). And please save the jokes about players who don’t go to class, players who are just waiting to go “pro.”

On the overall scheme of things, that’s an incredibly small percentage of NCAA athletes.

While those winter athletes did have an advantage over the spring athletes in that they did get to play a regular season, the reality is that everyone is playing with the hope of participating in conference and, maybe, national championships. The “postseason” is what makes for the season-long goals and, in this season, to be deprived of that opportunity hurts all winter athletes, virtually to the same extent as spring athletes.

So, it’s time for the NCAA, an organization often under fire, to do the right thing and extend the extra year of eligibility to include all winter athletes.

Then, and only then, will the NCAA have done right by ALL of their student athletes.


NCAA March Madness has been cancelled for 2020.

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27 indicted in horse doping scandal

Horse Doping Scandal: Resources

The Kallas Analysis: Steve is on the story like no one else.

March 10, 2020 • 27 Indicted in the International Horse Doping Scandal 

Editor's Note:

This is just the beginning of a very big case.

Thoroughbred and harness horses were drugged and killed at numerous racetracks.

There are more indictments to come, but with all jury trial cases suspended in NYC until further notice due to the coronavirus, when will these defendants -- veterinarians, illegal drug manufacturers, and trainers -- be held accountable?

Steve Kallas is a licensed harness trainer / driver and has worked in harness racing for over 30 years as a groom, trainer, driver and owner. Also with a background as a criminal defense attorney, Kallas brings his highly specialized skill set to comment on the doping scandal that is rocking the horse racing world.

Steve Kallas
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Steve Kallas, Sports Editor

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Download the indictments below

Below find the court documents for the indictments of:

1- Navarro, et al.

2- Grasso, et al.

3- Robinson, et al.

4- Izhaki, et al.

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