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Jazz Lounge @ DSM • Tuckahoe • Thursdays 6-9 PM

John H. Smith • Guitar


John's style is influenced by many great guitar players, but especially George Benson and Joe Pass. You can also find him at Red Rooster every Sunday evening.

Janelle • Vocals

Summertime by Janelle on vocals and John H. Smith on guitar at DiNapoli's Stone Mill in Tuckahoe

John and Janelle create a space for jazz artists and enthusiasts to hear the classic jazz standards. Musicians are welcome to sit in -- and receive a 50% discount on food and drinks.

Classic Cartoons Created a Culturally Literate Generation

Think about it: did you realize, when you were little, just how much classical music education you were absorbing?

Even though this author started studying violin at age 7, I didn't realize how rich my classical and literary education was, thanks in part to cartoons like this. 

--Janelle Allbritton, MPH


The Philip James Band at Juliano's in New Rochelle, NY

American Legion Post #50 Veterans Day Dinner and Dance

DiNapoli’s Stone Mill